My current work autobiographically, explores my notions of family, motherhood, and domestic relationships. Inspired by the chaotic beauty in the balance between the happenstance and organization in my household, I use visual cues of foliage and florals within the work, to depict the ever-changing growth in myself as my role in my family constantly transforms. Taking formal inspiration from the decorative and complex aesthetics of historical Wedgewood pottery and Sevre porcelain, I look at the home and the objects such a vessel, that can represent protection, nourishment and transportation, to metaphorically identify as myself. The visual tension of delicate and fragile floating porcelain leaves, consider the of beauty and chaos that in the coexistence of my identity and relationships within my home and my life outside of a home. Inspired by the influence my husband and child have on my growth as a person, externally and internally, from afar the vessel looks formal and organized and then up close the abundance of the leaves and the blending of multiple vessels is more apparent.

The contemporizing of these historical vessels, through color and pattern support that traditions can to be followed and broken. Considering the family traditions that I have grown up with and the importance to continue them with my own family. By continuing them I allow the past to live on or by changing them I allow for my own traditions to begin. By breaking or building from these traditions it gives room for the birth, growth and looking forward.